AMD EPYC performance NVME vds

Fast & GDPR safe open source hosting

Blazing fast setup

20 gbit/sec NVME storage backbone and dedicaded vCores

AMD private cloud servers

AMD EPYC servers with a minimum boost of 3.3 ghz

Starting from a single vCore

Scale from as little as a single vCore & 2 GB DDR4 RAM

GDPR safe hosting

Located in the Netherlands, our private cloud is GDPR safe

Install whatever cool Open source project you want!

We’re open source lovers since 2004

We take care of the server system administration, so you only need to focus on your project! Whether it is Drupal, Joomla!, TYPO3, Symfony, Laravel, PhpBB, WordPress or any other PHP open source application.

Our Ubuntu servers come preinstalled with: Nginx, PHP-FPM, Git, SVN, composer and MariaDB. If you need Drush, WP-CLI or any other CLI tool just let us know!

Full application control: No interference or custom code from us

At max speed: Blazing fast NVME storage with AMD EPYC processors.

Included without extra charge

1 TB of datatransfer each month

KVM real virtualization with 1 snapshot each 24 hours

Server maintenance / server management

Dedicaded vCores, no oversharing

Basic firewall

Pingdom homepage monitoring

2 letsencrypt Domain validation certificates: A+ rated ECC TLS

High availability hosting

Optional services

Pricing per month ex 21% VAT

Extra block of 1 TB datatransfer (up front) – 5 euro

Overusage of 1 TB datatransfer – 10 euro

3 months of site backups – 25% of the server price

DirectAdmin lite – 15 euro

Sectigo TLS DV/EV/OV certificates – 30/60/120 euro per year per domain

Bring your own certificate – 10 euro per mutation/installation

View an instant demo site

Our performance VDS choices

Available within 24 hours.

Prices are ex 21% VAT monthy recurring. Minimum period is 3 months. Automatic prolongation period is 1 month.


1 vCore – 2 GB RAM – 15 GB NVME
50/ month

    VPS 2

    2 vCore – 4 GB RAM – 20 GB NVME
    60/ month

      VPS 4

      4 vCore – 8 GB RAM – 25 GB NVME
      80/ month

        VPS 6

        6 vCore – 12 GB RAM – 35 GB NVME
        130/ month

          VPS 8

          8 vCore – 16 GB RAM – 50 GB NVME
          150/ month

            VPS 10

            10 vCore – 20 GB RAM – 75 GB NVME
            180/ month